Expert Witness Testimony

GA&A provides appraisals for litigation, real estate tax appeal, bankruptcy, estate tax filings, condemnation proceedings, divorce settlements, and preparation for mediation or arbitration. Gordon Gilbert, Jr., MAI, has testified as an expert witness in City, County, State and federal courts.

Other services include partnership or family owned buy-outs involving commercial –investment real estate, and semi-annual or annual investment property review. These opportunities bring about collegial-work with third party management, accountants, and real estate brokers. GA&A enjoys working with your selected team to arrive at well-informed decisions that withstand scrutiny.

Prospective buyers, sellers and brokers of commercial property have benefited from GA&A’s presentation of comparable data, combined with discussions which help the parties guide pricing in a better-informed manner. Linear regression and best fit charts help to illustrate the likely transactional range.

When a parcel of land or building shell seems ripe for development, both investor and lender benefit from an objective comparison of the 2 or 3 best competing redevelopment scenarios, from an experienced real estate expert with strong local ties. Feasibility testing takes into account risk versus reward measurement, with an appreciation of valid community concerns

Informal advising and consulting takes place over the phone or in person, in our Mt. Washington conference  room or your place of business.